Best Child Bike Seat 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Child Bike Seat 2020 : A child bike seat is a fun, safe, and secure way to move around your neighborhood or a nearby park with your child. It comprises of saddles that are uniquely designed for mounting on your bike. They are meant to serve the purpose of accommodating your younger one generally between the ages of 1-5 years old. These safety bike seats allow you to carry your baby around on your bike very safely and comfortably.

Typically, best child bike seat are light, durable, and compact, and they come in varying mounting styles. Additionally, they are suitable for changing bike specifications and meet the different needs of different parents.

You are getting a newborn and that means a lot of new responsibilities. The responsibilities translate to spending cash on products you deem useful to your child to ensure they are well fed, safe, and also satisfied. While contemplating buying new products, it is essential to put your budget lines in mind and not to forget the product quality. While making difficult decisions, reviews can play a vital role in helping you come to a worthwhile conclusion.  That’s why this review on the best child bike seat has been compiled. Here we look at the varieties of the best child bike seats to help you make an informed decision.

Best Child Bike Seat Reviews 2020

Lately, child bike seats are becoming popular now that parents are opting to ride bikes and help conserve the environment as much as they can. Additionally, they are significantly cheaper as compared to buying the entire bike for your baby. Therefore, they are not only cost-effective but also have a significant impact on the environment. This article comes in handy to review the best child bike seat and also their features, including safety belts, harness, and also footrests for your child. To come up with an insightful review, we have looked at the in-depth details about each of the bikes. Therefore, in this article, we discuss child bike seats that meet the quality standards and also the safety standards. They include:

#1. Topeak Baby Seat 11 26in Non-disc Rack Bicycle Baby Seat

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Can you compromise on issues to do with your child’s safety? Well, that’s unheard of. As a parent, you will have to go the extra mile to ensure your child is undoubtedly safe as you make your rides with him. That’s why Topeak Baby bike seta comes in handy to offer you the best safety for your child. Misfortunes such as accidents can’t be foreseen, especially when you are riding along with your baby. That’s why this seat comes with a wrap-around structure to help protect and cushion your baby. The seat has height adjustment features to enable you to adjust to the appropriate height for your child. Additionally, you can also change the footrests and the straps to keep the spinning wheel away from the kid, ensuring your child’s safety is well enhanced.


  • Contains a wrap-around feature to cushion your baby
  • Has adjustable heights for superior protection and comfort
  • Provides hand rests for extra protection
  • The seat is compatible with different bikes
  • Comes in plenty of colors for you to choose from
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to take the seat on and off


  • The seatbelt can only be fitted before putting the helmet.
  • Once the bike seat is on, you are not able to attach bags on the rack.

#2. Fenglin Tech Child Bike Seats, Quick Dismounting Seat for Bicycle

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It is yet another fantastic bike that comes with all the instructions you need to install it and take a ride with your baby. The bike is convenient for you since the seat can easily be removed whenever you want to ride alone. Importantly, you can just remove the seat, and the base is left intact. This seat is one of a kind since the seat connector is attached to the frame of the bike. It is a fantastic way to include your child in the biking experience.

Additionally, you can have your child sit in front of you, making him feel the excellent riding experience irrespective of the terrain. The seat works well in virtually all bikes, including road bikes, electric bikes, or mountain bikes.


  • Convenient
  • Flexible to fit almost any bike
  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Comfy for your baby
  • Adjustable height to suit your baby


  • It takes time to fix the seat
  • The footrests feature is not adjustable

#3. iBertChild Bicycle Safe-T-Seat

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It is also one of the best baby seats that you can easily mount on the center, providing you with a better way of balancing and even making your mobility increase. It is an ideal product for your kid as it is very comfortable, attractive, and safe

It has a great design as well as scenery where your kid is in a position to view and explore the landscapes fully. Your child has a great view as you ride, and he can feel being involved in the ride through the turning of the steering wheel. The seat provides the necessary safety as the kid is handled security between you and the protection of the bicycle. The position of your child allows for better communication, and you can tell if he enjoys the ride. Additionally, unlike the trailers, this seat is safer since no water, rocks, or dirt will be thrown to your child’s face. Not forgetting that it is much easier to load or offload your child


  • More stable
  • It is safer
  • Fits in most bikes
  • Enjoyable as you ride and communicate
  • Easy to install and use


  • Minimum recommended age is one year
  • The bike doesn’t attach appropriately if the stem isn’t strong enough

#4. Thule YeppNexxtMini Child Bike Seat

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It is a comfortable and safe seat for your child. It gives you room to have a fancy ride with your family for long days out. The bike seat is fitted with an adjustable 5-point harness

To secure your kid. Besides, it has a magnetic buckle with a high seat equipped with shock absorbers to cushion your baby. Also, the seat is made of water-repellant materials, making it easy to clean. The position is custom made with a handlebar to give comfort to your kid while riding. It is indeed a superior quality that will serve your purpose.


  • Appropriate for your family getaway
  • Safety well articulated
  • Shock absorbent to cushion your baby
  • Handlebars for comfort
  • Convenient for your family
  • Adjustable straps to protect your baby
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast to install and use


  • Has an age limit of between 9months to 3years old.
  • The manual doesn’t contain installation instruction.

#5. Do the Little Front- Mounted Kids Bike Seat for Active Riding

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Do you fancy taking a ride with your young ones? Well, here is yet another seat that will make your trip memorable.

The seat has your child placed right between your hands in front of you. It allows you to have fun together in your adventures. It is an ideal seat design while considering uniform weight distribution from the front to the rear, giving you a great way to balance and enjoy your ride even while in rough terrain. The little front seat has a perfect design where the safety of your child is well articulated. Apart from optimal security, the position also has wrap-around features to keep your little one well placed in a clear view and optimally at the center to enhance your balancing.

Additionally, the seat is adjustable, making it compatible with virtually all bikes so long as you have the required tools. The seat is suitable for your kids aged 18 months to 7 years and even more. Therefore it gives you several years of enjoyment with your child riding together until the time when he can comfortably ride himself. It is the most reliable and most stable mid-mounted seat offering the highest passenger weight rating allowing you to ride along with your young one until he is of age. It is indeed a great tool giving you interactive rides with your kids as you engage in memorable experiences.  Your kid has the same view as you, securely placed in your arms; you can much easily be able to train your kids on how to ride quite fast.


  • Comfortable for your kid
  • Strongest and most stable
  • Optimal security
  • Great riding memories together
  • Easy to couch your kid how to ride
  • Universal design makes it much compatible
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a carrier bag in case you remove it
  • Doesn’t interfere with your riding
  • Excellent visibility, safety, and longevity


  • It is hard to peddle on steep hills with the extra weight
  • You have to hold onto something to mount it

#6. Mac Ride Child Bike Seat – Stealth/Black

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Are you looking forward to having an off-road or mountain biking with your young one? Here is another fantastic child bike seat for you. It is a unique seat that is featherweight making it easy for you to mount and ride with your child. Additionally, it is easy to attach or remove it when not needed making it convenient for you. Also, it has adjustable stirrups that you can adjust as your child grows.

Ultimately, this is a suitable travel-friendly seat enabling you to explore different sceneries. With a Mac ride, your worries for any unexpected happenings while riding are well taken into account. The safety is enhanced. Your safety, while riding with a young kid, is put into consideration.


  • Adjustable to suit your needs
  • Your kid is secure in your arms
  • You can converse with your kid
  • Great experience as you can see your kid
  • Easy to mount and use


  • You will need extra attachments rings if you use different bikes
  • It requires necessary skills with bikes to fix it.

#7. SHOTGUN Kids Bike Seat for Mountain Bikes

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If you love riding your bike up the hills and mountains, then this is an ideal seat for you. With the shotgun bike seat, you will have a great experience with your child on then mountains and outdoors. Further, it is suitable for virtually all those who are passionate about mountain biking. It is well customized to suit your kids who are aged between 2-5 years. Another great feature of this bike seat is that it fits in almost all mountain bikes since it is adjustable to suit either flat or slowing top tubes.

You can fix it and start your ride within a brief moment. It is indeed a quick-release just like the shotgun. Also, it is easy to remove whenever need be. You can easily follow the fitting instructions and get moving.  It is well designed not to harm your frame since it is well equipped with rubber protection to keep your alloys safe.  Besides, it is designed to offer you premium quality services a give you memorable ride with your son.


  • Suitable for your mountain biking needs
  • Gives you memorable times
  • Enjoyable riding with your kids
  • Ideal for you and your family
  • Comfortable rides
  • Adjustable to fit various mountain bikes


  • Not quick to install as the name may suggest
  • The foot pegs are a bit paining to unscrew

#8. Bicycle Seat for- Kids Child Children Infant Toddler – Front Mount Baby

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If you love riding along with your son, then this is a perfect bike seat for your child. It is mid-mounted, giving you a view that is not obstructed for a better view of all the sceneries. Additionally, with this tool, there is no compromise when it comes to the balancing of the bike. The handlebars are well situated far enough from the seat so that you baby is at a safe distance. It is well equipped with straps for the foot to guarantee him optimum safety. In the event of tipping over, be sure your child would still be very safe.

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The seat is also comfortable enough to allow him to take a nap in the course of the ride. It is indeed a great product that will leave you satisfied with your investment. It is straightforward to mount within minutes and get started with your adventure. With this seat, you can be sure to enjoy your ride conversing with your young one and without any need to keeping looking at the back for your kid’s safety.


  • It is accessible to attach
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Great view for you and your kid
  • Very safe for your child


  • The chest strap doesn’t have a clip to tighten them.

Buying Guide for the Best Child Bike in 2020

Having looked at the various child bike seats, it is also significant to look at factors you should consider to arrive at a conclusion to which child bike seat to settle on.

Not all bike seats will serve your purpose. Also, others will not fit your bicycle type. Therefore, knowing which bike is suitable for your ride is essential.

Typically, we have front frame (mounted between you and the handlebars) baby bike seats and rear rack-mounted. This one is attached t the rack found at the back of your bicycle. With many varieties in the market, there is need to choose the best baby bike seat for your child. Therefore, here we look at the factors to consider when selecting the baby bike seat for your child.

Factors to consider when choosing the suitable baby bike seat for your kid

Safety is the most significant of all elements. It is very paramount that the seat you will purchase for your kid meets all the safety requirements by the government. So that no compromise on the safety of your kid.

There are several baby bike seats out there, but and arriving at a conclusion on which one to buy can be overwhelming. To make things a bit bearable for you, here are some factors you should consider:

Bike compatibility

It is important to note that not all bikes are designed to support your child’s bike seat. Therefore, there is a need to check and ensure the seat you purchase is compatible with the specifications of your bike.

Ease of use

The most suitable bike seat for your child should be easy to install and use. It shouldn’t pose challenges when steering, mounting, or disembarking when you are cycling. It should also be easy to store or carry it around.


Getting a properly mounting baby bike seat has always been frustrating to many parents since not all bikes are going to be compatible with the baby seat you buy. You and your child should be comfortable with the baby bike seat. It should contain stirrup, armrests, and a comfortable seating position. Also, look for a seat equipped with a suspension system to cushion your kid against shocks on rough terrains. Check to ensure there is adequate space for you to move around and also give you unobstructed view for a perfect ride.


 The baby bike seat you purchase should come with adjustable as well as padded features. For more enhanced security, you can buy one that comes with a five-point harness to ensure optimum protection for your kid.


Check for additional features meant to safeguard your child. For instance, features to take care of your kid in adverse weather such as rain, sunshine, and wind.


 Check to ascertain that the bike seat you purchase can accommodate the weight and the height of your kid. The materials used to make the seat should be able to last long amidst varying weather conditions.

Adjustable size

 Since your child is ever-growing, consider a bike seat that is adjustable so that you can keep adjusting it with the increase in height for your kid.

Color preference

It is advisable to purchase the seat with light color shells since a dark shell is likely to absorb a lot of heat, which can be harmful to your child.

Further, it is worth noting that the rear-mounted baby bike seats are considered safer for your kid since there is more room, and at the back giving you space for paddling, you offer the kid some protection. Additionally, most rear-mounted seats can be adjusted to provide a conducive environment for your child to snooze in.


This review has gone to the details of the varieties of the best baby bike seats.  It includes the rear-facing and the front-facing as well. The price ranges vary throughout the baby seats discussed, depending on the one you choose to buy. However, depending on your budget and the features discussed in this review, it will be useful to enable you to make a conclusive remark.

The analysis entails the best baby bike seats, to arrive at this review, a lot of baby seat reviews were carefully analyzed to conclude on the unique seats. Most of the baby bike seat features we have opted to look at include adjustable footrests, safety belts, and harnesses. In addition to that, there are bikes which are front-facing and ones which rear-facing. Also, through this review, you can get numerous options to choose from. Most of the seats are easily adjustable and light in weight as well as easily detachable, making the seat convenient for your use. Therefore, with the insights from this review, you can easily be able to maneuver in the world of baby bike seats and emerge with the best child bike for your child quickly.

Lastly, for the safety of your child, it is very significant to check that the seat will keep them away from the spokes of your bike. Note that virtually half of the accidents involving a child bike seat results from either the small hands or feet getting caught up by the spokes. However, most seats have a shield that will prevent such from happening. But it is still essential to choose a seat with foot straps to ascertain that such won’t occur.

Also, remember to ensure that the baby bike seat you buy is compatible with your bike before you can over the cash. Great, you can now go and grab the best child bike seat and go for a ride happily.

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